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Build your brand with live video

Live video has quickly taken hold on social media. With cable cutting becoming the new norm, the world is sourcing it's news and entertainment through online mediums. Live streaming on social media gives you the unique opportunity to interact with your audience and share events or experiences in great detail. Never before has it been so easy to connect with an international audience.

Start your very own live show complete with professional video, lighting, audio and graphics for a fraction of the cost of network television. Schedule and host a Q&A for your clients, customers or viewers. Build trust in your brand by making it personal. The options are limitless and we can help bring your ideas to life. 

By embracing the latest and best technology our unique set up has a very small and portable footprint while offering unmatched quality and professional results. Our cameras are wireless, meaning no long obtrusive cabling to deal with. This also lets us quickly move or change angles on the fly. Ask about our steady cam package that can wirelessly roam with professional audio for interviews and dynamic movement.