5 Reasons You Should Live Stream Your Next Event

Live streaming is quickly gaining attention as a new and innovative way of delivering content. No matter the size of your brand or event, broadcasting your content can be used to your advantage. Still unsure about it? Here are 5 of the most powerful benefits that can be achieved by live streaming your events.

  1. Engaged audience. The most powerful advantage of live streaming is that it engages consumers unable to attend the live event. We know that life sometimes gets busy. By streaming your content online, people who cannot attend the actual event can still be engaged through real-time video.  This will give future ticket buyers and even sponsors a chance to see your event unfold as it happens. 
  2. Increased attendance.  Are you looking to increase the physical attendance of your events? Building an online community via live streaming is the way to go. Studies show that over 60% of virtual attendees that are introduced to your event online are more inspired to attend the actual event after watching the live video. Live streaming is a great way to build trust around your brand and with your audience. 
  3. Have your message heard. Video isn’t dependent on written or spoken words to tell an influencing story. It’s universal. Live streaming can help expand your reach to consumers and partners anywhere on the globe. In addition, professional live streaming services can take your message one step further by providing superior audio and visual to really captivate your audience. 
  4. Money Matters. Live streaming to viewers that would normally require long-distance travel, can help cut those pricey travel costs. This will also save valuable time by allowing them to view content in the comfort of their home or office. A professional live streaming service may also have the ability to show off your sponsors during the broadcast, making the return on their investment more valuable as they are able to now reach a much larger audience. 
  5. Archive your event. One of the most exciting things about live streaming is the ability to record your live event. Professional audio and video can be recorded separately in order to be repurposed at a later date. Thinking about starting a podcast? Use the individually captured audio as a great addition to your show. Someone missed your live stream? Send them a link to the action as if they were there live. Think about how much success you can have with attendance next year if potential ticket buyers can see and feel the event in real time. Archivability, will allow you to redistribute keynote speeches, behind the scenes footage and even venue tours. Now you have the opportunity to ensure your audience that it’s worth the trip, and ensure your sponsors, that it’s worth the investment. Every time your event is re-played it brings your event more awareness and thus more success. 

Contributor: Laura Martin

Atlantic Live Stream is a professional live streaming service based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. We believe that live streaming is here to stay and it will become the standard for all events moving forward. Looking to live stream your next event? Contact us at info@atlanticlivestream.ca